ade dewol Look Of The Day Jumat, 20 Juli 2012 Skirt/Falda: Suiteblanco , Shoes/Zapatos: Mango , Top: Uterqüe , Necklace/Collar: Designer , Purse/Bolso: Uterqüe , Bracelet/Pulsera:  Style... 5

Look Of The Day

Skirt/Falda: Suiteblanco, Shoes/Zapatos: Mango, Top: Uterqüe, Necklace/Collar: Designer, Purse/Bolso: Uterqüe, Bracelet/Pulsera: Style By Marina

You know how much I love intense colors! This time I combined this amazing skirt from Suiteblanco with a suede green top and black pumps from Mango! Do you like it?

Photos by Abraham Herrero Ros

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