ade dewol Oops I Neon-ed Again! Senin, 18 Juni 2012 Shoes/Zapatos: Mango (new collection), Pants/Pantalones: H&M  (new collection), Top: H&M  (new collection), Bracelet/Pulsera: Friis ... 5

Oops I Neon-ed Again!

Shoes/Zapatos: Mango (new collection), Pants/Pantalones: H&M (new collection), Top: H&M (new collection), Bracelet/Pulsera: Friis & Company, Clutch: Friis & Company

Have I told u how much I love these shoes? They are not comfy at all but I adore them :) Today I combined them with a pair of black high wasted pants, with zips in the front, a neon top from H&M and a black blazer! xoxo

Photography: Carola Fingerhut

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