ade dewol Leather Sleeves Selasa, 13 Maret 2012 Jacket/Chaqueta: H&M , Pants/Pantalones: Blanco , Bag/Bolso: Chanel , Shirt/Camisa: Zara , Shoes/Zapatos: Converse , Sunnies/Gafas: Uter... 5

Leather Sleeves

Jacket/Chaqueta: H&M, Pants/Pantalones: Blanco, Bag/Bolso: Chanel, Shirt/Camisa: Zara, Shoes/Zapatos: Converse, Sunnies/Gafas: Uterqüe

Hi everyone! I haven't published for a while because I was off to Andorra snowboarding this weekend. I really needed a relaxing weekend without a phone or was hard though lol
I found peace chilling out with friends and enjoying the snow and the cozy vibe on the mountains. I had a great time!

Back to today's look; I'm wearing a brand new pair of leather pants from Blanco, black jacket with leather sleeves and my super comfortable converse. Like it?

Photography: Carola Fingerhut

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