ade dewol In Borne Kamis, 29 September 2011 Shoes/Zapatos: Topshop , Bag/Bolso: Balenciaga , Shorts/Pantalon Corto: H&M , Top/Camiseta: Zara, Shirt/Camisa: H&M , Bracelets and ... 5

In Borne

Shoes/Zapatos: Topshop, Bag/Bolso: Balenciaga, Shorts/Pantalon Corto: H&M, Top/Camiseta: Zara, Shirt/Camisa: H&M, Bracelets and Ring/Pulseras y Anillo: Friis & Company

Barcelona is a magical place; everybody (including myself) gets the city vibe, walks on the streets, and admires the beautiful views! I like to walk around, it relaxes and refreshes me a lot.
Autumn arrived but the temperatures are still high which is great because I'm still dressing up with my favorite summer clothes!
Tomorrow I'm flying to Paris where I guess I'm gonna wear light clothes as the temperatures are high which is weird for this time of year.
I like it :)

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